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We offer 3 services that work every industry trick, tip and loophole to your advantage.

Travel Using Points

Just tell us your points balance, and we’ll turn your mountain of miles into travel magic.

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Travel Using Cash

Make it our problem! We especially love a challenge, like multi-city trips or travelers coming and going.

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Hack School

Our blog will guide you through all the industry insight needed to hack for yourself. Tenacity required!

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4.9 rating iOS or Android


Daniel Flight, 08/28/2019


I have used Chatflights for 3 award trips now, and it's just as seamless and easy every time. On our latest trip, they managed to upgrade the three of us to First Class. 10 out of 10 points!

Sweden5, 02/18/2020


I had an intercontinental flight that SAS couldn’t or wouldn’t help me with because of some obscure issue with the ticket. Chatflights got me sorted quickly and efficiently, really impressed I must say. Worth every penny.

Macke Munck, 12/01/2019

Booked LH First Class with Chatflights!

Chatflights helped me book a Lufthansa First Class ticket for points. I would have never found this ticket myself, much less been able to book it. Use Chatflights to book awards travel! They are amazing at finding the flight you are looking for. Good luck!

zyndea, 10/08/2019


I am super happy with all the bookings you have helped me with. Fast response and always the best flights. All our points would have expired without you.

TheSvante, 11/22/2017

Crazy smooth saves hours and hours

I have fallen into the seach-for-the-best-flight-ever hole many times. Searches take so much time and energy that I give up and by the time I decide to finalize the trip, I find the price has increased considerably. Chatflights seems to have solved this for me. Thank you Chatflights!

Massezzz, 01/28/2019

12 points out of 10

Fast, pleasant and knowledgable service in booking flights for points. I will never again try to patch a trip together myself, or wait endlessly on hold with an airline. Highly recommended!

Videpro1, 11/16/2018

Simply amazing. I suddenly have use for all my points.


Jonas Lundstrom, 08/15/2019

Simply the best

Simply the best outperforms the airlines own channels to find flights for points. Much better, much cheaper and a hell of a lot faster

Our Fees

Chatting with us is free, so put us to the test!

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Until booking

Chatting is our thing, so we do it for free. Get access to the best travel hacking minds in the business and only pay if you book.

Let's Fly

Travel Using Points


Starting price per passenger

Our dedicated Award Travel specialists hunt down and book Award Travel so plush it hurts. It's time to show your frequent flyer points who’s boss!

Business Class or lower


First Class


Let's Fly


You've got questions, we've got answers! If there's something we missed, ask us directly in the app.

Is this a chatbot?

Hell no. You'll sometimes get automatic messages to perform simple tasks like payments. But all our Hackers are human, and they always will be.

Do I need to pay a fee upfront to get help finding travel?

No. We only charge fees for travel using points, and then only if you choose to book. You can put us to work and we won't charge you until a booking is made.

Are you cheaper than flights I can find myself online?

Yes and no. We almost always beat the price of anything you’ll find online when it comes to complex trips, like multiple destinations and travelers coming and going along the way. Not to mention the massive amount of time, frustration and spousal spats we save you! If you are booking a simple return flight to one destination we are sometimes cheaper, often the same and sometimes more expensive.

Why pay for something I can do on my own?

Because our hackers will save you time, money and sanity by uncovering award availability only experts can find. We know all there is to know about using points to travel and hunt down deals by using the complex rules of the industry to your advantage. Putting us to the test is risk-free, we only charge if you choose to book through us.

How do you find deals on travel that I can't find online?

When it comes to complex travel like multi-city trips or flights to unusual destinations, the algorithms used to find flights online are simply not smart enough. For example, a multi-city flight that is booked online will almost always be a combination of one-way flights, which is expensive. Our experts use professional booking tools to stitch that type of flight into a single booking, leading to lower prices. This is just one example of how professionals can do magic to lower prices and ease the pain of booking. Put us to the test to find out more, it costs you nothing.

Do you only book flights or can you book other things like accomodation and transfers also?

Flights are our main area of expertise but we will happily book hotels, transfers, accommodation and activities too. In fact, we often find that booking flights along with other travel accoutrements can be seriously beneficial. We're talking deep discounts and packaged deals only available offline.

What are your opening hours?

For now, we're only open on weekdays from 9AM to 5PM, but we continually monitor incoming chats and offer help outside of office hours if needed. You can message us in the app any time of night or day, and our hackers will respond as soon as we open. We are working towards a 24/7 solution, watch this space.

Can I get help over email or phone instead of chat?

Your first point of contact will always be over chat. We sometimes switch to phone or email support if there's a problem that requires a different form of communication, but chat does the job 99% of the time. If you feel uncomfortable using chat, we may not be the right travel partner for you.

What if there's a problem with my flight, like a delay or cancellation, will you help me?

Of course! This is why we exist. Think of us as your personal concierge, with you from the beginning of your trip right until you come home. We handle problems like schedule changes and cancellations directly via chat. In certain cases, it may be more efficient to speak with the airline directly. If that happens, we will coach you through the process.

Are you able to help me book travel in any alliance like Star Alliance or OneWorld?

Yes, we cover all alliances and are happy to help put your points to work.

Can you recommend a good place to travel for a certain amount of points, or do I have to specify a destination?

We're happy to recommend destinations based on availability, but we need to know your preferences. The more specific you can be about things like travel time, climate and type of travel experience, the easier it is for us to strike gold.