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Complex Bookings We've Cracked

We dove into these tricky challenges and solved them with speed and style.


Four Stops to Hawaii

This trip was booked as a return ticket from London to Honolulu and included 3 nights in San Francisco, a road trip to LA, 4 nights in Honolulu and 4 nights in New York. All for the price of one return ticket using the complex fare rules to our advantage.


Two Meet Half Way

A couple wanted to travel to Miami from Madrid and Bordeaux respectively, and then back home together. We booked them two return tickets but then stitched them together so that all luggage, seating etc ended up on the same ticket back.


Family Connection in Atlanta

A trip with half the family flying from Montreal and the other half from Seattle. They all meet up in Atlanta and continued on the long-haul to Cape Town together on the plane, all in the same booking.

There's a Lot of Love for Our App...

4.9 rating iOS or Android


Sweden5, 02/18/2020


I had an intercontinental flight that SAS couldn’t or wouldn’t help me with because of some obscure issue with the ticket. Chatflights got me sorted quickly and efficiently, really impressed I must say. Worth every penny.

TheSvante, 11/22/2017

Crazy smooth and saves hours and hours

I have fallen into the seach-for-the-best-flight-ever hole many times. Searches take so much time and energy that I give up and by the time I decide to finalize the trip, I find the price has increased considerably. Chatflights seems to have solved this for me. Thank you Chatflights!

Wetterholm, 01/04/2018

Unique service

Chatflights just helped us book a trip to Miami from Stockholm. Unbelievable given that we weren’t able to find a single available ticket ourselves.

Bo Goransson, 12/08/2017

Smooth and simple

I will never book a trip any other way! Good idea!

AndreasOhlson 12/06/2017

Ridiculously good

Ridiculously good service, I use it all the time!

Complex Travel FAQ

You've got questions, we've got answers! If there's something we missed, ask us directly in the app.

Is this a chatbot?

Hell no. You'll sometimes get automatic messages to perform simple tasks like payments. But all our Hackers are human, now and always.

Are you cheaper than flights I can find myself online?

We almost always beat the price of anything you’ll find online when it comes to complex trips, like multiple destinations and travelers coming and going along the way. Not to mention the massive amount of time, frustration and spousal spats we save you! If you are booking a simple return flight to one destination we often match online prices. But it can be cheaper or more expensive.

Do I need to pay a fee upfront to get help finding travel?

No. You can put us to work and we won't charge you until a booking is made. You may be wondering, how is that possible? In our experience, you'll be so impressed with our sleuthing that you'll book in the blink of an eye!

Do you only book flights or can you book other things like accomodation and transfers also?

Flights are our main area of expertise but we will happily book hotels, transfers, accommodation and activities too.In fact, we often find that booking flights along with other travel accoutrements can be seriously beneficial. We're talking deep discounts and packaged deals only available offline.

Wat if there's a problem with my flight, like a delay or cancellation, will you help me?

Of course! This is why we exist. Think of us as your personal concierge, with you from the beginning of your trip right until you come home. We handle problems like schedule changes and cancellations directly via chat. In certain cases, it may be more efficient to speak with the airline directly. If that happens, we will coach you through the process.

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4.9 rating iOS or Android